Huawei tipped to release new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT4 before the end of September

Huawei has released the Huawei Watch GT3 series smartwatch in China. The watch has an increased screen ratio, and advanced optical sensors, and is equipped with Harmony OS. Yesterday, a blogger broke the news about the latest advancements in Huawei’s new generation of smartwatches, the Huawei Watch GT4 series.


Huawei Watch GT 4, released as early as September 2022? A leak suggests it

Huawei tipped to release new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT4 before the end of September

According to digital blogger @Factory director Shiguan, the Huawei Watch GT4 series is coming soon, and it will be released at the fastest press conference in September and the slowest at a press conference in October. The blogger had earlier said that the Huawei Mate 50 series would be released on September 7, so the Huawei Watch GT 4 series smartwatch could be presented alongside the Mate 50 series.


Furthermore, some netizens asked the blogger when the Huawei tablet would be released in the comments area. The blogger has previously stated that the Huawei Matepad Pro 12.6 2022 model has been put on the agenda, with the fastest release in September and the slowest release in October. This time, the blogger replied that the new tablet will be released in October. It looks like the new tablet should not be seen at the Huawei Mate 50 series conference.


The DNS has learned that the Huawei Watch GT 3 series starts at 1,488 yuan, with 42mm and 46mm options, and the screen resolution of both watches is 466×466. In addition, Huawei Watch GT 3 supports altitude blood oxygen management, can continuously monitor blood oxygen saturation and provide altitude sickness warning.

In terms of battery life, the Huawei WATCH GT 3 46mm model can last for 8 days in heavy scenarios and 14 days in typical scenarios; 42mm can last for 4 days in heavy scenarios and 7 days in typical scenarios.

Unfortunately, there are no details regarding the technical specifications of GT 4, but we imagine they may start coming out in the coming weeks, especially if the release date is expected to be so close.


Huawei tipped to release new smartwatch Huawei Watch GT4 before the end of September



Talking about the possible early launch of Watch GT 4 is the leaker Comrade Guan, which on Weibo explains that the new model could anticipate what was seen in the previous series, with GT 3 arrived (in China) ad October 2021 and with GT 3 Pro arrived in 2022. And in fact, it seems that the new smartwatch can already be presented in September 2022, practically very soon.

But the good news, in terms of release date, is also about Huawei Watch GT4 Pro. This is because, the same leak speaks of a huge advance on the times compared to what we saw with GT3 Pro, given that there is talk of a launch already scheduled for October 2022, leading to two Pro models in just one year. But why is there all this rush on Huawei’s part? The reason is that there shouldn’t be a Watch 4 scheduled for 2022 and, consequently, we will have to focus on the GT series, which certainly does not look bad.

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