How to install custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro & Honor Watches.

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  • Create Date February 6, 2021
  • Last Updated October 18, 2021

First Learn How to Download Watch Faces from Our website -

Watch this Video to learn How to Download Watch faces (hwt) from our website -



Now We will learn How to Install Modded Huawei Health app in our mobile - 


First method 



First delete your Huawei Health app and Huawei mobile services app than download this modded health app. ( Link attached )


New version of modded Huawei Health is available.


#Works fine with Android 11
#Tested on a Oneplus device with Android 11
#Multiface upload WORKS in this version

#Remove Huawei mobile services before installation

#check your phones CPU for the proper version:
- ARM7
- ARM64

#Huawei/Honor phones - modded application can't be installed on these devices, ONLY WITH ROOT!!!

Language International and Russian


Read this entirely and follow carefully :

>Download Huawei health mod apk.
>Uninstall existing Health App, HMS Core & huawei app market.
>Clear cache from all related apps.
Then install modded app (but don't open it yet).
>Restart phone and watch.
>Log into modded app with registered email or phone number.
>Pair watch and enjoy (you might have to make several attempts before the app detects your watch)

⚠️ Note : It will NOT work with Huawei/Honor/iPhone mobile phone.

Note - Do not store / Save Watch faces hwt files in download folder otherwise you will get error. Save it elsewhere. Make a New folder and transfer all the hwt in that folder than install them using modded Huawei health app.


Download link  -New version

Version -


Download old version of modded health app -


Note - For those who have Samsung phones with Secure Folder you can install the mod and official version on the same phone and with the same ID, install the Mod version in the main memory and then go to the Secure Folder and install the Mod version, the phone It will bring it from the installation in the main memory, then uninstall the Mod version from the main memory and install the Official version, of course never update the Mod version of the Secure Folder.




Now Watch this Video to learn How to install watch faces after installing modded app .


If above method didn't work try below method. In 99% mobile method first is working perfectly.



Second method 



Please follow this article to learn the process to install custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro & Honor Watches.

  1. All Huawei smart watch supported
  2. All Honor smart watches supported




Follow this article if you want to get yourself equipped with custom watchfaces for the Huawei GT / GT2 / GT2 Pro / FIT & Honor Smart Watches without having root . This latest method where the process has been really simplified! I am starting from scratch - taking the watch out of the box - making sure I go through the whole process so that you can get full end to end coverage of the whole process. I also review common roadbloacks and bugs which you might encounter in the process.




Delete any software you may have installed from previous attempts and start from new with this process.
Download everything to your phone or tablet using the links below and remember to allow installs from unknown places in your device settings..

1. Install Tia Chi with Android Package Manager ( Attached )
2. Install Huawei Health with Android Package Manager ( Attached )
4. Install Huawei Mobile Services with Android Package Manager (Attached )
3. Install Multi Face with Android Package Manager   ( All files are attached in Download section )
4. Open Tia Chi press Blue Circle at bottom right and select Manage Modules
5. Tick box next to Multi Face and go back
6. Press blue circle again select Manage Modules
7. Now top right press the three dots and select - Compatibility Engine
8. Now go back and press Blue Circle bottom right and select Create App
9. Now select Huawei Mobile Services. This may take some time but let it finish and it may ask you to uninstall original select OK.
10. Now press Blue Circle again to Create App, this time select Huawei Health. Again may take some time but let it finish. It may ask to uninstall original select OK
11. Once Health and Mobile services have been created select Health and set it up as normal. No need for Chinese ID just use your normal ID.
12. If watch is already paired with another device do this - On watch swipe down go to settings - system - disconnect. This will now allow your watch to pair with new device
15. Once paired and health setup go to device and watch face.
16. Top right three dots you should now see option to install faces
17. Find folder on device where you have faces. Remember to move these out of the download folder first.
18. Install the desired face – once installed go to watch, long press on screen to change face. Find the new face you installed and select it. This part is required to finish installation and you will not see the install in health until you do this.
19. Hope this works for you all.



NOTE - This method is NOT working with Huawei / Honor branded phones & Iphone.

It will work on any other android mobile or tab either it is Samsung , Nokia , HTC, Xiaomi , Realme, Oneplus etc etc etc or whatever it will work...



Follow this method and enjoy the world...



Note - Just to explain a bit more in detail: For some strange reason, Health app doesn't allow installation from "downloads" folder. So you need to create a folder yourself (using a file explorer app, that has been shared here for example, or any of your liking app store), name that folder whatever you like, move all your hwt files to that folder, and install from there. Yes, a bit annoying, but you get use to it ?




com.huawei.hwid_5.2.0.203-50200203_minAPI19(arm64-v8a,armeabi-v7a,x86_64)(nodpi) MB
taichi_.5.7.0-release.apk8.14 MB
Huawei Health
Huawei Health MB
multiple_faces_1.apk2.22 MB

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