Honor Watch GS Pro To Be The First Honor watch to get Harmony OS 2.0

A Weibo blogger said today that the first device to upgrade Huawei Harmony 2.0 kernel capabilities is the Honor Watch GS Pro.

Through this upgrade, the Honor Watch GS Pro will get the newly added the kernel capabilities of Huawei Harmony OS 2.0. It has expanded the lightweight application market functions, and enhanced the full-scene functional experience. In other words, this upgrade introduces the full-scene distribution of Harmony OS’ functional features. It also supports a variety of dedicated apps.




After pairing the Honor Watch with the Huawei Sports Health App, the user can install more apps. Then, they can check the watch apps on the shelf. The app running on the watch needs to be upgraded and used simultaneously with the mobile app. In a distributed state, the smartphone’s computing power is shared. So the interconnection function cannot operate independently.


Honor Watch GS Pro To Be The First Honor watch to get Harmony OS 2.0


The blogger said that although the watch and smartphone work together to run the App, the battery life is expected not to be affected. However, it is not clear whether it refers to the watch or the smartphone.



Honor Watch GS Pro To Be The First Honor watch to get Harmony OS 2.0



Huawei held the IFA 2020 conference on September 4. At this event, it released the Honor Watch GS Pro and Honor Watch ES. So the Honor Watch GS Pro was officially released in China on September 16 and is currently on sale. The price is 1599 yuan ($242).

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