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Our website needs your donation to stay free, survive, pay growing server costs (hosting and bandwidth), add in more content, update existing content and to pay for other possible related costs. All donations will be utilised for website development and indirect applicable sources.

Since our conception we have not charged a single cent for access to the existing content on our website nor have we shown multiple popups or used dubious means to make money from you. All previous and current ad banners and/or campaigns are to the benefit of the fans and in most cases related to the Aviation.

We are in need of future funds to survive & grow stronger in the online community. We currently require the ammount of at least $3000 each year to run our website. Most of this money comes from our own pockets as limited advertising revenue is often slack.


Site costs
Almost all visible site content (code and design) is made by ourselfs. A team of two fans working three hours a day (and more frequent hours in weekends and holidays) to build the site you see today. This is an equivalent of approx. 2160 manhours a year… which is totally free of charge (and would normally cost approx. $50 an hour).

Next to the so called ‘sitedevelopment costs’… we’ve still got normal industry fees to pay. Exte rnal software, tools, occasional hired developers, hosting and more importantly bandwidth costs us money. Plain and simple.

We need approx. $3000 a year to keep the site up and running. The majority of that money coming from our own pockets. And we even need more to develop upcoming services and systems, upgrading servers and other costs.

This is where you possibly come in.

Are you willing to support us and our -sometimes groundbreaking- endeavors? Then be sure to donate any ammount you like through PayPal… It’s fast, free and secure! For this reason we make Members Rank System. You will become a VIP Member by donating something.

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Thanks for your support!


You are free to decide for yourself what the site is worth to you. Think of it this way: what has this site done for me in the past and what importance will it have for me in the future… then decide what ammount you want to donate. This can be from anywhere between 5 cents to 2500 dollars (bigger donations need a seperate registration, due to tax and other restrictions… but we don’t think there will be many of those.

Money we can ultimately use on new endeavors, enriching the site with new and improved appetizing content!

Any ammount bigger then the needed $3000 a year can be spend on previous costs, like some of our custom made database and other systems. Or future costs, like buying/renting a seperate server stack space right on the backbone of the internet. Diskspace would then be no problem.

However… the biggest money drain would be bandwidth. For example: a file of 1.42 MB downloaded by just 700 unique visitors a day would mean the bandwidth of that day would already be 1 GIG… which in turn would mean approx. 30 GIG a month for one video only!? And we are planning to host a lot more then just one vid! Our site itself (text and images) already entails a total of approx.  900 GIGs of bandwidth a month. And we are sure it will only get bigger.

Your donations will end up paying for any possible bandwidth increase, wether we decide to host it ourselfs on our current provider or on a new still to be aquired server.

In any case, whether you donate something or not, we’d like to thank everybody in advance for their support!


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If you cannot afford to make a donation, please add our link somewhere (email to a friend, facebook, web page, forum, etc) to help spread the best Aviaton community. If you have a blog, please make a write up about this site and upload some sample images or just make some fun pics to post on weblog pages. We only want people who can afford to donate and you are in no way forced to give up your hard earned money (least you get paid for your hours of work).

We’ve spend uncountable hours developing the online experience you see today, programming content, collecting info, designing pages and other systems, creating new stuff and lots and lots more. And we haven’t stopped there.

We’re always striving to aquire new means of presenting our ever expanding content to all our visitors. Buying new third parties tools, paying occasions external programmers for specific coding or updating our server-sided software which enables us to keep ahead with technology crucial to the survival of our website.

With a visitor-ratio that keeps rising every week -and ever larger content hosted under our domains- our bandwidth has risen exponentially. This ultimately costs us money.



By the fans… for the fans!

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