How to install custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro & Honor Watches.

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Full guide for installing custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro, Huawei watch GT3, Huawei watch 3 & Honor Watches and bands.



First Learn How to Download Watch Faces from Our website -

Watch this Video to learn How to Download Watch faces (hwt) from our website -

In new modded app four dots function is removed. You need to click HookUtlis tab for Installing Custom watch faces. 

Click HookUtlis for Installing Custom watch faces.
Click HookUtlis for Installing Custom watch faces.


Note: If the downloaded theme (Watch Face) has “.zip” extension, then simply remove it and make sure that it has “.hwt” extension left. Otherwise your file wont work in your watch. For example if the downloaded Watch face name is than rename the file name and remove .zip from the file and use abc.hwt in the watch otherwise file will not work.

Huawei Ported watch face


Now We will learn How to Install Modded Huawei Health app in our mobile - 

First method 

Read this entirely and follow carefully :

Download Huawei health mod apk.
>Uninstall existing Health App, HMS Core & huawei app market.
>Clear cache from all related apps.
Then install modded app (but don't open it yet).
>Restart phone and watch.
>Log into modded app with registered email or phone number.
>Pair watch and enjoy (you might have to make several attempts before the app detects your watch)


⚠️ Note : It will NOT work with Huawei/Honor/iPhone mobile phone.

Note - Do not store / Save Watch faces hwt files in download folder otherwise you will get error. Save it elsewhere. Make a New folder and transfer all the hwt in that folder than install them using modded Huawei health app.

Note - For those who have Samsung phones with Secure Folder you can install the mod and official version on the same phone and with the same ID, install the Mod version in the main memory and then go to the Secure Folder and install the Mod version, the phone It will bring it from the installation in the main memory, then uninstall the Mod version from the main memory and install the Official version, of course never update the Mod version of the Secure Folder.


Now Watch this Video to learn How to install watch faces on watch after installing modded app .

In new modded app four dots is removed. You need to click HookUtlis tab for installing custom watch faces. 


If above method didn't work try below method. In 100% mobile method first is working perfectly.

Second Tia Chi method is removed permanently because first method is easy and working perfectly in all android devices except Huawei / Honor and iPhone.


Note - Just to explain a bit more in detail: For some strange reason, Health app doesn't allow installation from "downloads" folder. So you need to create a folder yourself (using a file explorer app, that has been shared here for example, or any of your liking app store), name that folder whatever you like, move all your hwt files to that folder, and install from there. Yes, a bit annoying, but you get use to it ?

New version

Version -


What's New:

Custom Watch faces Installation working again
[WatchFace + NoStep] Enabled fuction upload custom watchface.
Disabled step counter in device.
Enabled update apk is test signatured.
Removed debug info in smali code.
Removed trashes files in apk.
Architecture: [armeabi-v7a][arm64-v8a] Languages: [ALL] Signature: [TEST]

There are many modded health app files are available on the internet of this version. But the file attached here is tested and working perfectly. 

#Multiface upload WORKS in this version

#Remove Huawei mobile services before installation

#check your phones CPU for the proper version:
- ARM7
- ARM64

❌ Won't sync with Google Fit

#Huawei/Honor phones - modded application can't be installed on these devices, ONLY WITH ROOT!!!

Installing custom watch faces on Huawei watches is possible again.

Thank you for your patience. As I said, I was sure this was a question of time.
After installing, this is the button you should use on the "HookUtlis " tab for installing custom watch faces :

How to install custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro & Honor Watches.
How to install custom watch faces on Huawei Watch GT/GT2/GT2e/GT2 Pro & Honor Watches.


Below are Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why is the Watch / band getting continuously disconnected from my phone?

? To solve this, try to Disable battery optimization for the Health app, also enable auto start for the app as well.

2. When is the next update?

? Please contact Huawei/Honor officially regarding the same. We are not from Huawei Team. Or just wait patiently!

3. Where can I download free watch faces?

? Visit Appropriate category for your Watch/Band from Main Menu.

4. How can I install a custom watch face?

?  Detailed process with videos is mentioned above.

5. While I am installing custom watch face, I am getting "unsupported file format" error.

? After you have downloaded the watch face, move it out of downloads folder or use third party file manager and then try to install.

6. What are the apps required to purchase watch face from Huawei health store?

? Huawei app gallery, HMS core, Huawei health.

7. How do I get PAID watch face for free please?

? Paid term serves a meaning. Purchase them from Huawei health store rather than asking us!

8. How to purchase a watch face?

? Download the latest version of HMS core and Huawei health app from Huawei app gallery only.

? Then login with your credentials.

? From Huawei health app, select the watch face you want to buy, set up payment method and purchase.

9. How to solve network error bug ?

?If you get a network error, switch between WIFI and MOBILE Data and keep trying until it works.

10. How to solve device not supported bug ?

Make sure you are using the correct modded app, and make sure hms core app is uninstalled and you have to wipe cache the app and than reboot. Follow the installation instructions carefully. ?To remove the HMS Core application, you can remove it by entering the settings - applications from the phone

11. How to Solve this bug “Update face is for a newer version or Update your device or select another device”?

It means uploaded watch face is not supported by your device. or Huawei restricted the installation of watch face (version ) for your device. Solution is simple use old version of modded health app...

Comment below if you are still facing any problem....

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  • Create Date February 6, 2021
  • Last Updated April 27, 2024



  1. I just installed the mod app, but in the my watch faces section There are no four dots by the search bar . How to fix it?

  2. ADD WATCH FACES SECTION just disappeared two days ago, and clearing the cache or reinstalling the app just doesnt work. I tried it on multiple phones without any luck.

    1. This vesrion is very unstable. The app lost the connection with my watch in every minute and i cannot install watch faces, because of that and sometimes when i able to install a watch face at 100% pop out the installation failed message.

  3. i am not able install watch faces by just select the file .hwt file i tried using samsung files cause i am on samsung device and also tried with zarchiver it doesn’t work pls help i am using the newer version

  4. Good morning, I have a problem with the modified Huawei app, I wanted to install a Watchfaces but the app no longer gives me the option to install or the Huawei store, any help? I haven’t updated the app at all

  5. Tried this with my Huawei GT4 on Android. Did not work. Followed instructions on Samsung and, Xiaomi Phone. I am starting to think, this is a scam 😀 Tried 20 different watch faces for GT3/GT4

  6. I was able to pair it with the watch, but the menu to upload the custom watch face shown in the video does not appear.
    Is Honor watch gs3 not supported?

    1. Menu is changed in new version.. When you click on Watch faces than click on Mine , in this section you will see ADD WATCH FACES SECTION ( last option ).

  7. Cant get this to work on my GT4, It show Installing progress bar but never shows on the watch.

    Has anyone been able to install a face on a GT4 yet?

  8. Hi, that was so good app. I just try to install Huawei health mod from link above and do like what it said. Buat when i try to search upload watch face, there is not in that page.

  9. I can’t install a single watch face to my GT 4…
    I don’t know what is the problem, it always says “Installation failed. Try again.”

  10. Hello, why do you not update anymore the huawei health mod apk? It’s really a shame that we’re stuck on an old version, we miss your apps 🙁

  11. Hello, with the new firmware (hamonyOS it is impossible to connect the watch (GT3 pro) with the app. There’s a message asking to make update. Hope new version will come soon. Thanks.

  12. No app to open this file once *.HWT file is downloaded and opened.
    I have your modded app and it is working fine

  13. Hi,
    I have version installed on my S23Plus. I followed the detailed steps (clear cache, uninstall all apps, reboot phone and GTE Pro, install modded app, copy WF (one I downloaded from here and is supposed to fit my GT3 Pro) to a specific folder. But when I click on the WF, I get an error msg saying that an appropriate (installation) app ins not found.
    What am I doing wrong?

  14. Using GT Runner(same as GT3), and installed modified HealthApp
    Some HWT ware installed fine, some are not and giving message “Watch face is for a newer version. Update your device or select another design”
    According to FAQ, I should try older version of HealthApp, but seems this is oldest version. Any suggestions ?

    Thank you.

  15. App is not working on my Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0 not rooted). It installs normaly, but when i run it, it’s an error (Huawei Health keeps stopping) – Close application

  16. Can’t connect to latest mod app. It always ask for update if i try to pairing my band. . Any solution?

  17. Xin hãy cập nhật phiên bản mod mới nhất của ứng dụng. Tôi không thể nào kết nối với Huawei Band 7 của mình trên app mod cũ nữa. Cảm ơn rất nhiều.

  18. When I try pairing, there is a notification to update the application to a newer one. Have restarted the cellphone and watch, but still forcing for an application update when pairing

  19. After several attempts, I managed to get the app working on my Samsung G22 (Android 13). It is crucial to uninstall the HMS Core & Huawei App Market. I successfully installed my design. Thank you for the tutorial, it was very helpful to me.

  20. Hello. On Xiaomi Note 10 PRO (MIUA 13) finds the watch. But I can’t connect. Reinstalled all programs that were available for download. Please tell me how to connect the clock.

  21. I clicked the blue download button to get the latest apk. It opens a new page that keeps refreshing forever. I have tried 3 different browsers with no success.

    1. Android 13 – not possible yet ..
      Android 12 – many devices supports
      Wait few days may be we can find the way..

  22. Hi,
    Do you have a version for Android 13 ? None of the APKs on this page will run on my Pixel 6 Pro (Android 13 Build TP1A.221005.002).
    FYI – I can install and run the standard version of Health from APK, with no problems.

    1. Standard version is working on Android 13 but modded is not working because of android 13 limitations. So wait few days may be we can find some way ..

  23. i already create new folder and move all her file to new folder, but it’s keep can’t install face app fr the location.

  24. When I tried to upload watch face it showed me this message
    ” Watch face is for newer version. Update your device or select another design “

  25. When I tried to download I found download file can you check the link to download file please?

  26. Always when i Download the Version 12 1.4.330 i have the Version in my Phone. Anyon an idea

    1. Vždy keď dám sťahovať ľubovoľnú verziu mám v telefóne verziu ktorá na GT3 nefunguje.

  27. HI all, I have a GT3 T28 with harmonyos and with all healt mod (also with last I can’t associate the watch with phone. Healt installated on old redmi note 7 with lineage rom. I have always the request of upgrade healt (rejected always).

    Maybe do I wrong something? I don’t know. I install healt, restart phone, register account (with mail pwd and sms code) ans then stop, found watch wiht the scan, but it doesn’t recongnize in association process

    Thank a lot

  28. I downloaded the GT3Version.apk file and followed the instructions for installation and opening. I then downloaded a watch face, moved it out of downloads to a new folder, and tapped on it in the file browser. I was given four choices: document or image viewer, and audio or video player. None of those seemed right. What do I do at this point? (Note that I am in the U.S., so the watch faces and AppGallery buttons do not appear in the Health app, so that might be related.)

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Download any third party file manager and select through it.. It will work..

    2. Thanks for the reply, but it did not work. I installed Cx File Explorer and then followed the guide to install GT3Version.apk (which actually showed up on my phone as GT3Health_v. – is that correct?). When I tapped on a downloaded watch face using Cx File Explorer and selected “Open with”, the choices it gave me were two other apps I have installed, “White Noise Lite” and “ezPDF Reader”. Something is still not right.

      Also, when I was setting up the Health app, a number of the apps for which I want to receive notifications were omitted from the list of apps: Facebook, Messenger, Line… Again, something is not right. I am using a OnePlus 8 Pro with Android 11.

  29. Good day to every one!! I would be very gratefull if someone knows and tell me what to do and where to find this new version for my gt3.Thanks a lot guys!!

    1. I keep getting the error ‘App not installed as package appears to be invalid’. I have tries 3 versions of the apk but keep getting the same error.

    1. I downloaded GT3 version, installed per the instruction. I tried a couple of times and finally it worked. Thanks so much!

  30. Hello everyone! Here MOD is no longer working with GT3. It always ask for an update when try to pair. GT3 is no longer pairing with any app with version lower than ?

    1. Reboot your watch and device… Open app again and again it will work.. Keep the app in the memory permanently and power saving feature of mobile is causing this issue..

  31. I have an error “Device not supported”, update Huawei health in AppGallery and try again when try to connect my GT3 watch

    1. same problem for me Health always want to update …
      Any solution for that ?
      I have a GT3 with android phone (tried on samsung and oneplus)
      thank you

    2. Same problem here. Not working with any mod. When try to pair with GT3 says that you must to update the app. Now GT3 is not pairing with any app lower than…??

  32. i have the next message with the 12,1,2,330 version of modded app.
    Some of the older faces works but this year or newer like Lb1565.hwt or Xiao_chou_2_2.1.3.hwt doesn’t work and give the next message.

    “Update face is for a newer version
    Update your device or select another device”

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